Sunday Meditation & Inquiry

Now live and online through Zoom! Sit with us from your home by following this link:

 The Sunday Meditation Session is pretty much every Sunday, and all are welcome. Come once, drop in occasionally or make it a weekly commitment. Whatever works best for you. My experience is that Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, Christians, beginners and more experienced practitioners are able to meditate and inquire together. No fundamentalism please. Wear comfortable clothing, and please do NOT wear scented perfumes or colognes as they can be distractions and sometimes even trigger allergies in others. We will sit quietly for about a ½ hour; inquire for about ½ hour and then sit for another ¼ of an hour. If you are a beginner, please come 10 minutes early, for some brief instructions. Chairs are available. Support is by donation, something like: $0 for people with no money; $5 for students and the unemployed; $10 for people with okay jobs and $15 and over, for people with great jobs. Watch for updates at

To make a donation, follow this link. Please include the teacher’s name in the note:  PayPal.Me/ARRIVEONLINE  or make an e-transfer donation at

Ken Hood is known by many in the Guelph community as the friendly Buddhist bookseller at the Bookshelf. Ken has been facilitating meditation groups in Guelph since the late 1980s, more prominently at Living Yoga & Health on Sunday mornings. His meditation practice is rooted in the Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist tradition, however Ken’s teaching is ecumenical with strong influences from Western Theravada Buddhism, Jungian psychology, and Roman Stoicism. Ken’s classes are warm and insightful; offering anecdotes and teachings that reflect how meditation can transform our minds and hearts so that we can live with more compassion and less suffering. Together with his wife, Jacqueline Gilbey, he is co-director of Arrive Yoga & Mindfulness. For more information, please see Ken’s website