Qigong Foundations

with Claire Turner Reid

Sunday March 24th, 1pm – 3pm
$55 + hst
Location: 42 Quebec St. Guelph

Learn the fundamentals of Qigong, an ancient practice that has evolved over thousands of years. This modality, which is a part of Chinese Medicine, invites a beautifully rich and unique orientation to health and longevity. Many people know Qigong for the graceful slow movements, however it also includes massage, shaking and tapping, pressure points, meditations, and breathing techniques. Discover some foundational concepts and practices for the body, breath, and mind.
This workshop is suitable for beginners and will also offer a deepening with the essentials for those already familiar with Qigong. All are welcome.

Claire Turner Reid is a movement artist and educator who practices Dance, Qigong, and Internal Martial Arts. She is a Certified and Certifying Teacher of the Axis Syllabus. Claire currently teaches Qigong courses at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Qigong, Taijiquan, and Falling Negotiation programs through the City of Guelph. She has a Diploma of Acupuncture from OCTCM Toronto and a BFA in Acting from the University of Windsor. She is a member of Spiritwind Internal Arts where she is a certified instructor in Qigong, Taijiquan, and Dao In Lung Shen and also practices Baguazhang and Gongfu. She is a Level 2 Certified Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong instructor. Claire uses movement and healing practices to deepen awareness, honour the integrity of the body, and enrich inter-relational possibilities. In movement research, she invites open-inquiry and curiosity, rigour and play, somatic sovereignty and collective collaboration. Her teaching encourages exploration of the body in motion for more connected living. She teaches online, internationally, and locally in Guelph and Toronto.

Spring Day Retreat With Lisa Silverstein & Jacqueline Gilbey

Sunday April 14th
10am – 4:30pm
Saint Brigid’s Villa, Ignatius Centre, Guelph
$110 incl tax and lunch

This day is designed for us to tune into our natural rhythms. We will spend time stretching and breathing, unpacking what has been stored away over the winter months. Expect a gentle energetic practice for all levels of experience, co-lead by Lisa and Jacqueline. There will also be time to walk and open our senses to the unfolding sights, sounds, and smells of spring.

Saint Brigid’s Villa is a bright and spacious conference building surrounded by trees and fields on the grounds of Ignatius Centre in Guelph.

Cost of the retreat includes snacks and a delicious vegetarian lunch.

Monthly Monday Evening Classes to Rest and Restore

Monthly On-Line Restorative with Lisa Silverstein

Monday March 11th, 2024
8pm – 9pm  

$19 (includes tax), Passes and Memberships welcome
Location: Zoom

Rest and relaxation have a deep rejuvenating power and are needed now more than ever. By using props to support the body, the poses can be held for longer periods, allowing the awareness and breath to move deeply inside. As the body progressively relaxes, there is an opportunity for layers of stress and tension to melt away and healing and renewal to take place. For our online classes please have on hand a bolster (or 2 large cushions), 2 blankets, a yoga strap or scarf, a small hand towel, and option for an eye pillow, mask, or eye covering. Suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Monthly On-Line Yoga Nidra with Joanne Astley

Monday March 4th, 2024
8pm – 9pm
$19 (includes tax), Passes and Memberships welcome
Location: Zoom

iRest Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation in the yoga tradition that promotes deep relaxation and self-inquiry. Lying down on a mat fully supported with props (and in the comfort of their own home via Zoom), students are guided through the steps of iRest Yoga Nidra, developed by clinical psychologist Richard Miller. These steps aim to give practitioners an opportunity to experience a deeply relaxed state from which they explore their own body, mind and spirit without judgment, as a way to discover a deeper sense of their own true nature. In clinical trials, it’s been shown to be helpful for depression and anxiety, sleep problems, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For more information: https://www.irest.org/about-irest


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