Aging Well & Well Being

With Jayelle Lindsay PT

Saturday March 16th, 2019
1pm – 4pm
$60 + hst

“Weakness, inflexibility, and lack of coordination are often not due to structural or muscular problems, but caused by lack of process. When that process is actualized, we experience strength, flexibility, and ease in our movement and our mind. The basic neurocellular patterns are an exploration of process.” Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

In these three workshops we will be exploring developmental pathways, patterns and movements to enhance well being: including self awareness, ability to rest, and expanding our capacity for change. Each workshop will include practices that invite different insights and different responses to familiar and often habitual movements. Participants are invited to explore in the context of their own experience – from the sedentary to the advanced yogi – all are welcome.

Jayelle Lindsay PT Former owner of Living Yoga & Health in Guelph, Jayelle is a certified yoga teacher and a registered physiotherapist who has been teaching and exploring movement for more than 40 years. She continues to develop her interest in the body through the Body Mind Centering approach developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.