Studio Farewell –

In movement circles

we are told


“support precedes movement”.

We come to the ground

wherever we are.

So much movement has emerged

from the support of the ground beneath this studio space.


Changes of heart, changes of mind

Learning as Robert Bly wrote

“To think in ways we never have before.”

Another change on the horizon

Arrive Yoga &  Meditation

becoming like the wandering monks of old,

unattached to location.

Yet, supported by the earth

wherever we find ourselves, wherever you are.

Deep gratitude to those who care

Who care for the earth, for us,

To Jacqueline and Ken who continue

to nurture this community

to all of the teachers and their teachers-

a network that spreads around the globe.





A Prayer for Entering the Practice of Yoga

As I move in yoga may my heart be open.

As my heart opens, the heart of the world opens.

As I move in yoga may my mind be calm and focussed,

May I release the desire for accomplishment

and enter the exploration of Truth.

As I move toward Truth, the world moves toward Truth.

As I move in yoga, may my attitude toward myself

be loving and compassionate.

As I learn love and compassion for myself,

There is more love and compassion in the world

and the heart of the world opens

As I move in yoga.