On Letting Go of the Studio….. middle of the night writing …

My head knows, or understands, the logic of the letting go and my heart, as it does, seems to lag behind.

How to say goodbye to this sacred space that has held me and so many others together and individually over so many years.  Walking in now, I can feel the echoes of our laughter, tears, learning, growing, heavy conversations, light chats, open minds and open hearts, sharing space to become more ourselves  and care more for one another.

The joys, the sorrows, the pregnancies, the children, the heartbreaks, the love,

the sharing, caring,

understanding, misunderstanding,

heatwaves, icicles,

bikerides, rainstorms,

snowstorms, brainstorms.

This space has been a safe container for me, for us, for so many. This space has served us graciously and steadily and though my heart has not yet fully absorbed the reality of this space not being where we will gather,

I let go with deep gratitude to the physical space and all the beings that have blessed it with their courage, curiosity and willingness to show up in all forms. We have been blessed to have been stewards of this space for so long.  I can’t help but feel giddy to imagine what sounds, smells, feelings, winds, energies and love will be felt and sensed by all who come to this space in the future. How they will be blessed as we have been.