Living Mindfully Day Retreat

With Heather Fenton and Jacqueline Gilbey
at St.Brigid’s Villa, Ignatius Centre Guelph

Sunday November 24, 9am – 4pm

$45 + hst Register Now
The registration fee covers just the expenses for the day (rent of the villa, snacks, administration, and travel costs for the instructors). In the spirit of the Buddhist tradition, Dana (meaning generosity), would be warmly welcomed by the instructors who offer their teachings and efforts freely. An opportunity will be given to make a donation on the day of the retreat. 

A day retreat is a special opportunity to delve a little deeper into meditation. Join us for a day of quiet contemplation, alternating periods of seated and walking meditation, instructions for practice and supportive silence in community.

Heather Fenton first met with Buddhist teachings in the Fall of 2000, and has since spent her time avidly exploring the nature of mind. Drawn initially to Mahayana teachings on emptiness (shunyata) and the Lojong practices of training the mind, she studied almost exclusively within a westernized-Tibetan tradition for her first decade of practice. Her path then led her in the direction of nondual teachings, Vipassana practices, and generally into a more embodied somatic approach. Most recently, Heather has taken up Hatha asana practice and graduated from a year-long 200-hour yoga teacher training program in December 2017.

Over the years, Heather has led regular meditation sessions and workshops. Her main interest has been to introduce simple meditation and mindfulness practices without cultural or religious trappings, and to encourage others – whatever their background or beliefs – to build and sustain a daily practice of stillness and inner reflection.

Heather is an independent graphic designer by trade, who lives and loves with her husband, teenage stepkids and two teeny tiny wiener dogs in Port Colborne, Ontario.

Jacqueline Gilbey’s practice and study come from the awareness and compassion teachings from the Buddhist and Yoga traditions. Her yoga training comes from a mix of traditions and perspectives; primarily from the methods of Vanda Scaravelli, Jayelle Lindsay, Hart Lazer, and from her various teachers and colleagues. Together, with her husband Ken Hood, she has taught and facilitated several meditation groups in their community since the late ’80s. Jacqueline’s classes reflect her own intention to find freedom in the body, heart, and mind with wisdom and kindness. Together with her husband, Ken Hood, she is co-director of Arrive Yoga & Mindfulness.