Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

With Elisabeth Schramm MSW RSW

8 Weeks Series: Tuesday Oct 13 – Dec 1
5:30pm – 7pm
$180 + hst
Plus a half-day online retreat: Sat. Nov. 28th ($10 – $40 donation suggested)

To register, please click HERE.

In keeping with the Covid-19 safety measures we are offering this workshop online. An email with further information and a link to the workshop will be sent you once you have registered.

If you’ve experienced or heard about the benefits of mindfulness in managing depression and anxiety, consider participating in this class. MBCT is an evidence-based group therapy for preventing depressive relapse and treating mood.  We will explore mindful movement and simple meditation practices in ways that feel accessible.  

The sensations of anxiety, sadness, grief, shame and guilt, and so many others, are uncomfortable and we use strategies such as ignoring, distraction or numbing to push these away. In this class, we’ll explore the possibilities available to us and learn to meet these difficult states in the body with curiosity and interest. The intention in this class is to provide a safe space to explore yoga and mindfulness, using the principles of ‘Trauma Sensitive Yoga’.  In an environment that is non-judgemental, non-competitive and non- harming, you will be offered guidance, but also be encouraged to make choices for your own practice. No physical assists or corrections will be offered. 

No experience is required to participate, though it will also serve as a refresher and support for those who already have a practice.  Please feel welcome to call or email with questions.  

ELISABETH SCHRAMM, MSW RSW completed Teacher Training at Living Yoga and Health in October 2012. She has practiced Vipassana (insight) meditation since 2008. She has also completed training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and training in Trauma Senitive Yoga. She appreciates the possibilities that yoga and meditation offer in exploring how we might bring clarity and ease to daily life. It may be possible to explore coverage through insurance benefits.