Locomotion Patterns for Better Movement

With Scott Davis

Saturday Feb 9th, 1-4pm

$60 + hst, Register HERE.

What makes movement so fundamentally human and nourishing? 
What are essential practices to improve as a more competent mover? 
What strategies can we use to create a more harmonious relationship between our bodies and the outside world?    
And what role does movement play in this process?

Join Scott Davis, Movement Educator and doctor of Integrative Medicine, for an in-depth workshop on improving your movement literacy through the practice of Locomotion. The ability to move through space in diverse ways (i.e. Locomotion) is something that defines us as humans. This workshop is informed by practices across a wide range of traditions including, Yoga, Martial Arts, Functional and Natural Movement, Strength & Conditioning, Eastern Medicine, and Neuroscience.

About the instructor: For the past 2 decades, Scott Davis has been sharing his passion for health as a doctor of Integrative Medicine, movement therapist, yoga teacher and health educator. His style brings a balance of authenticity, humour, and depth to integrating complex therapeutic traditions with contemporary approaches to health and the latest research in biomechanics and human movement. In his clinical practice, he treats patients with a holistic approach to primarily centred on Eastern Medicine and the three pillars of health, Movement, Nutrition and Rest. As an educator, he has trained hundreds of instructors using a holistic approach to yoga and movement. He is on a lifelong path of learning and discovery in order to continue to help people feel better in their lives.