Mindfulness Yoga for Anxiety

Wednesday Oct 31st – Dec 19th, 5:30-7pm

8 week session $112 + hst, drop-ins welcome.

“This living in a human body isn’t easy” (Chris Germer). We humans have the experience of unease in our own bodies at various times in life. The sensations of deep sadness, grief, shame and guilt, and so many others, are uncomfortable and we use strategies such as ignoring, distraction or numbing to push these away. Imagine befriending all of what arises! In the Guest House Rumi suggests that we welcome and entertain them all. In this class, we’ll explore the possibilities available to us, to be curious about all of what arises in this human body and maybe even be able to witness to softening of these difficult states in the body. In the same way that asana practices soften tension, tightness and pain in the body, we can affect emotion similarly. There is nothing to get rid of, but rather approach these states with acceptance, compassion. We begin to develop courage when we face the difficult. The experience of stress, anxiety and trauma can result in a sense of disconnection from our own body, or a lack of ease and peace in the body. The intention in this class is to provide a safe space to explore yoga and mindfulness, using the principles of ‘Trauma Sensitive Yoga’. In an environment that is non-judgemental, non-competitive and non-harming, you will be offered guidance, but also be encouraged to make choices for your own practice. No physical assists or corrections will be offered. The practices are gentle, suitable for beginners and those with experience in yoga. The specific practices or forms chosen will encourage the participant to find some freedom of movement in the body, to develop self awareness in a safe environment and to calm the central nervous system. You are welcome to contact Elisabeth directly if you wish to discuss the class further.

Elisabeth Schramm completed Teacher Training at Living Yoga and Health in October 2012. She has practiced Vipassana (insight) meditation since 2008. She has also completed training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. She appreciates the possibilities that yoga and meditation offer in exploring how we might bring clarity and ease to daily life.