Slow Flow Yoga & Live Music

With Erin O’Reilly and Lucas Tensen

Friday July 26th, 6-8pm
$25 + hst

This workshop will combine the joy of movement, meditation, and relaxation to live music. Come and play as we bloom in balance and build strength, practicing the art of listening to music both internal and external and responding in kindness.

We will focus on the awareness and strength required to find smooth transitions in our practice, playing with balance and rhythm to find our own joyful movements throughout the flow. All levels are welcome and students are encouraged and given tools to modify to their own practice. The flow will be followed by a meditation and restorative relaxation all guided to gorgeous music.


Erin O’Reilly is a yoga teacher in Guelph who loves to learn from her teachers and students about how to move in the world with more ease and compassion, and from her children about how to move and live with less “grownup” inhibition.

Lucas Tensen As a multi-instrumentalist, Lucas Tensen primarily plays cello, West African kora (harp) and the Japanese shakuhachi (flute). He has studied and worked in community engagement through inclusive forms of musical improvisation and instrument making.