Monica Voss: Walking, Standing, Sitting Still & Yoga as Self-Compassion

Sunday May 26th, 10am – 12:30pm & 1:30pm – 4pm

$95 + hst for full day
$55 + hst for half day

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Arrive Yoga + Mindfulness and Kristin Honey Yoga are so happy to bring you Monica Voss from Esther Myers Yoga Studio in Toronto! We are great admirers of Monica’s teaching and her unique and unassuming ways of bringing amazement and wonder to movement and the body. Monica has been a mentor and highly regarded teacher to many of us at Arrive, including Lisa Silverstein who studied and trained with Monica at Esther Myers Studio.

If you are a yoga teacher, you will come away feeling renewed with insight and curiosity to share with your classes. If you are a student, you will discover new depths and creative possibilities in your practice and relationship to your body.

The day will be divided into two workshops: 

10am-12:30pmStanding, Walking, Sitting Still 

During most of our waking life, our feet are on the ground. They bear our weight, but more significantly, they are the parts of the body through which we experience the supportive pull of gravity. In this workshop, we will practise Standing Poses as examples of the daily activities of standing, walking, running and sitting and explore the positive, tangible effect of gravitational force on the body. Learn to sit, stand and walk with more connection to the earth and its energy, less effort and greater ease.

1:30pm-4pmYoga as Self-Compassion

We all encounter frustrations, experience loss, make mistakes, battle limitations, and fall short of our ideals at times, both in a yoga setting and certainly outside of it.How can we learn to go with the body, not against it and practise yoga and meditation with enjoyment, love and kindness, awareness and self-compassion?Join Monica in an exploration of relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, generous movement and posture, all supporting the development of increased happiness in any life circumstance.

Monica Voss began her yoga studies in 1978 with Esther Myers, trained to teach with Esther, and has been teaching at the Studio since 1981. She came to yoga with a background in drama and movement and has degrees in English Literature and Education.

Monica studied with Vanda Scaravelli from 1986-1998. Moving into the poses using the rhythm of the breath and the support of the ground resonates deeply for her and she continues to draw inspiration from Vanda’s and Esther’s teaching, from the natural world, from complementary modalities, from study, and from interaction and dialogue with students and colleagues. Monica has received additional tutelage from Mary Stewart in London, England, Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten, Edward Espe Brown, and has attended retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh.

For more information about Monica, please go to Esther Myers Yoga.