Myofascial Self-Care with Gina Giammarco

Friday Oct 23rd 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Also offered Friday Nov 27, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Proprioception is our bodies’ ability to ‘find itself’.  All of our bones, joints and organs are wrapped in layers of interwoven connective tissues that are so much more than muscles.  These workshops are designed to use our own sense of touch to attend to these tissues and even explore pain management.

These props would be helpful if you have access to a block, a tennis ball (or equivalent), and a cushion.

In keeping with the Covid-19 safety measures we are offering this workshop online. An email with further information and a link to the workshop will be sent you once you have registered.

Gina Giammarco is certified in both yoga and Pilates and specializes in anatomy and biomechanics as well as pre- and post rehabilitation. Gina’s passion is helping people learn how to keep their joints supple and their bodies strong for pain-free, functional movement. Freeing the body from pain enables us to enjoy moving the body more. It is this joy of movement that is at the essence of Gina’s teaching. Gina is on a lifelong journey to learn as much about keeping bodies moving well, with strength and suppleness. In group classes, workshops and private sessions, it is this joyful, dynamic movement that she hopes you take with you in your hearts, minds and bodies. For more info: